Weld Neck Flange

E S Haji & Co which is highly reputed and experienced in their field manages to give a description, the uses and related details of weld neck flanges, hence the leading Flange Manufacturer in Chennai. We specialize in all types of flanges, weld neck flange being the highest in demand and most frequently sold product. E S Haji & Co is constantly working towards amending their standards with their customers by providing them with the best variety of flanges and thereby giving them room of satisfaction with their clientele.


A Weld Neck flange is considered a speciality flange because of its protruding neck, also referred to as a hub. The neck extends from the flat surface of the flange and receives and guides the pipe into place — the neck serves as an extension of the boring. Tapering the neck provides extra reinforcement for use in high-pressure or extreme and fluctuating temperature applications. Tapering the flange reduces the steel’s thickness so that the opening of the neck blends with the pipe it receives — the tapered neck appears to be an extension of the pipe. They also provide excellent stress distribution through the tapered hub and are easily radiographed for flaw detection. Weld neck flanges are attached using V-shaped welds known as butt welds.


Weld Neck steel flanges are largely used in the petroleum and chemical industries but can also be used in residential and commercial buildings where fluctuating temperatures and high stress are expected, such as a main water or gas source. Weld neck steel flanges are used under conditions where line or pipe expansion creates bending or repeated changes in the pipe. Because a long neck flange is used in pressurized applications, the flange may have additional pressure connections and may be referred to as an orifice flange. The flange supports free product flow when bored to match the diameter of the pipe it will receive.


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