Quality Standards

Quality at E.S Haji & Co. is how the recipient of the product views the product before buying, upon delivery, and after the delivery and use. It is meeting the customer’s expectations and exceeding them. Our large profile of clientele believe in us due to the unmatched quality and inexplicable performance we output in the making of MS Flanges , Custom Flanges and hence occupying the place of leading Manufacturers of Flanges in Chennai.

Why Quality?
Understand and improve operational processes.
Identify problems quickly and systematically.
Establish valid and reliable service performance measures.
Measure customer satisfaction and other performance outcomes.

How do we do it?
E.S Haji & Co continuously strives towards gaining higher levels of quality standards. By using premium quality 12.6” centre lathe , we produce the best of MS Flanges , Custom Flanges , Pipe Fittings , Fabricated Valve Bodies . This is achieved by laid down processes , various analyses and statistical process controls. Quality is assured by periodical calibration of testing equipments.

Our company is vigilant about the changes that take place time to time in code. Strict Quality assurance system is being followed in all our departments and Total Quality Management is applied to streamline all the procedures and practices in operation to achieve high standard of efficiency to maintain the rank of best Flange makers in Chennai. Continuous efforts are being made for improvement in technology and equipments, to give best quality products of MS Flanges , Custom Flanges, etc. at the most affordable prices.

The quality assurance scheme at E. S Haji & Co. involves the control of all the incoming materials as per the raw material test certificate of the materials. Fittings are supplied with test certificate as per approved Q.A.P. Test certificate incorporates determination of physical/chemical composition, ultrasonic test, heat treatment, radiography test, sand blasting , etc. Suitable fixtures and templates are used to maintain accuracy.

We are equipped with the following facilities to maintain the quality of the products manufactured by us:
Measuring instruments like Vernier Calipers, Height Gauge , Micrometer , Bevel Protector.
Surface Table for Marking & Checking
Manually operated Hydrostatic Pump
Dye- Penetrant checking facilities
Feeler Gauges
Chain Pulley Blocks 2 Tons & 5 Tons capacity
Chemical & Physical Testing done at the approved labs
Heat treatment at M/s. Devi Metal Process
Sand Blasting done a M/s. Schori Blasting
Radiography done at M/s. Jai Inspection Agencies, M/s. Scaanray Metallurgical Services
Ultrasonic done at M/s. Industrial Quality Concepts.