Manufacturing Process

Understanding customers requirement and ensuring to supply as per these requirements is realised with the help of quality assurance at E S Haji & Co. Being one of the best Flange Manufacturers in Chennai , our product range include all types of flanges such as MS Flange ( Mild Steel ) , Raised face flange , Weld neck flange, Bellow Flange , and Flanges according to custom requirement.

Live View of our Manufacturing process :

Our manufacturing process which is ISO 9001 certified follows this procedure during manufacturing , positioning us as the Cutting
Setting & Welding

Raw Materials :
Beginning with this process,the system controls the quality of all incoming materials as per the raw material test certificate of the material. Mild Steel Flanges ( MS ) are of premium quality that ensures high durability, strength and resistivity to varied non-supporting conditions. Also, checking in each size for chemical and physical properties of these materials at Government approved laboratory.

Cutting :
Cutting services use a variety of cutting methods to fashion materials in to pre defined shapes and sizes such as
Laser Cutting
Miter Cutting
Plasma Cutting
Water Jet cutting

Setting & Welding :
During the forming, forging, pressing and heating , the control system outlines inprocess checks and maintains a regular testing procedure. The characteristic checks involved in the welding process are:
Root Pass
Back Chip Grinding
D.P Check Radiography

Machining :
A fully equipped machine shop consisting of first class quality of lathes , drilling machines,required jigs, fixtures and inspection instruments can be found at E.S Haji & Co. which produce the first grade quality of MS Flanges , Custom Flanges , etc. Equally well equipped is the Fabrication Shop. A k – 400 MIG Welding set, Rectifier and Generator , an electrodes over (300° C) and all other necessary tools and tackles required for fabrication. The characteristic checks include dimensional and surface finish.

Grinding :
Grinding is the most accurate of all the processes and hence is carried out with great efficiency .Grinding machines use a wheel made from one of the manufactured abrasives, silicon carbide or aluminum oxide.

All our manufacturing activities are generally carried out under third party inspection agencies such as Lyods , Engineers India Ltd. , Nuclear Power Corporation , Project and Development India Ltd. , Bureau Veritas CQS, Bharat Heavy Electricals Physical/Chemical composition determination
Ultrasonic test
Radiography test
Heat treatment
Sand blasting

The final process of dispatch is the most tedious of all , and heavy duty cranes are used for it. With the help of our extensive delivery chain we can ensure time critical deliveries at the behest of our esteemed clients. We are indeed privileged to be able to serve and live upto their expectations and occupy unparalleled postion of Flange makers in Chennai .