Machinery & Instrumentation

In the present day industrial scenario and especially in Flange Manufacturing Industries , heavy machinery is an important part of time and cost efficient construction. Machinery help in reducing manual labour and also the risk factor , that is usually a constant worry. Machines enable people to do work with less muscular effort and with greater speed. The amount of work that we get out of a machine can be no more than the amount of work we put in to it .For producing the first class grade of MS Flanges , Custom Flanges , Pipe Fittings, etc ,the machinery and technical advancement play a major role.

Since the equipments are subjected to great wear and tear , it is important that the machinery is provided quality and genuine spare parts that will add to the durability and aid proper functioning. Hence, all of this is taken care of at E.S Haji & Co. , one of the best Flange Manufacturing Company.

The shop floor has been designed to produce the finest quality of MS Flanges , Custom Flanges, etc.. It is equipped with a Machine Shop and a Fabrication/ Welding shop.

The Machine Shop consists of lathes , drilling machines , necessary jigs , fixtures and inspection instruments , thereby enhancing the manufacturing process and making it the leading brand of Flange Manufacturers in Chennai.

Equally well-equipped is the Fabrication Shop . A K-400 MIG Welding set, Rectifier and Generator , an Electrodes oven (300 ) and all other necessary tools and tackles required for fabrication. The characteristic checks include dimensional and surface finish which adds to the perfection of the manufacturing process of Flanges at E .S Haji & Co .

Our Equipments


Centre Lathe 12.6″4.0M Swing
Centre Lathe 12″2.8M Swing
Centre Lathe 12″0.6M Swing
VTL 1 Mtr1.5 Swing
Centre Lathe 10″1.6M Swing
Centre Lathe 8″1.0M Swing
P.S.G Lathe 6″0.6M Swing
Centre Lathe 4″0.2M Swing
Drilling Machine65MM Capacity
Drilling Machine65MM Capacity
Drilling Machine40MM Capacity
Drilling Machine20MM Capacity
Bench Grinder1 No
Chain Pulley2 Nos


MEMCO MIG Welding Set1 No
Welding Rectifier 600 Amps4 Nos
Welding Transformers 400 Amps2 Nos
Electrodes Oven/Header 300 C3 Nos
Holding Flask 100 C3 Nos
Pre Heat Torch1 No
Gas Cutting Set3 Nos
Profile Cutting Machine2 Nos
Pug Cutting Machine5 Nos4
AG 7 Angle Grinder7 Nos
GQ 4 Straight Grinder3 Nos
EOT 5 TONS Capacity4 Nos
EOT 3 TONS Capacity3 Nos

And all other Tools & Tackles necessary for fabrication.

We also have complete in-house inspection equipment facilities for Quality Control

Measuring Instruments like Vernier Callipers, Vernier Height Gauge , Micrometer Bevel Protector.
Surface Table for marking and checking
Manually operated Hydrostatic Pump
Dye-Penetrant checking facilities
Feeler gauges
EOT ( Electric Overhead Trolley ) 2 Tons & 5 Tons Capacity
Chemical & Physical Testing , Heat Treatment , Sand Blasting , Radiography and Ultrasonic done at the approved Labs.

Our External Associates

Plate Rolling , Bending

M/s.Sree Raghavendra Industries,
M/s.Sneha Slittings,
M/s.Megha Engineers,

Radiography ,Ultrasonic , Industrial X-RAY

M/s.Scaanray Metallurgical Services,
M/s.Jai Inspection Agency,
M/s.Industrial Quality Concepts,

Material Testing

M/s.Kidao Laboratories,
M/s.Chemical & Metallurgical Services,
M/s.Regional Testing Centre,
M/s.SGS India Ltd,
M/s.Metex Lab
[All Approved Laboratories]