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Machining Services

Contract Machining Services

At ES Haji & CO, we specialize in providing excellent accuracy in machining services that are customized to specific project requirements. CNC machining is an essential component for modern production as it plays an essential role in many sectors. Discover why ES Haji & CO stands out as your optimal partner for all your machining needs.

Handling Machining Limitations

Engaging with a skilled external machining experts helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) improve component production. Yet, not all machining companies are produced equal. Many lack the expertise and specialized tooling necessary for intricate component fabrication.
Such shortcomings often result in sluggish production rates and compromised safety standards. At ES Haji & CO, we tackle these hurdles head-on. Our adept CNC machinists prioritize safety and efficiency, employing innovative strategies to overcome complexities associated with intricate components.

Precision Machining Excellence at ES Haji & CO

Our advanced facility is supervised by experienced CNC specialists known for their precisely machining capabilities. Our staff has an extensive background making delicate parts, so they are fully prepared to handle a wide range of projects. With a strong history in geometrical dimensions and tolerance (GD&T), we convert your ideas into physical reality. Our machining arsenal includes:

  • 5-axis mills featuring up to 120" of travel
  • 4-axis lathes equipped with radial and axial live tooling

Furthermore, our technical knowledge, our CNC machining services feature strict quality assurance and inspection approaches. Our quality control measures comprise:

  • A dedicated quality lab
  • First Article Inspection complemented by thorough documentation
  • Adherence to ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards
  • Utilization of cutting-edge inspection equipment

Moreover, ES Haji & CO boasts a machining capacity of up to 22,000 pounds and vertical machining capabilities extending up to 20,000 pounds.

Advantages of ES Haji & CO Machining Services

Building machining competencies in-house demands considerable organizational resources that may be beyond your reach. Outsourcing your machining requisites to a specialized third party offers a myriad of benefits. At ES Haji & CO, our metal machining services are:

  • Precise: Our rigorous quality control procedures and meticulous inspection services ensure impeccable precision in every component we fabricate. We guarantee that the final product adheres to your design specifications, exhibiting requisite tolerances and meeting performance criteria. Our extensive experience translates to minimized human errors.
  • Consistent: Backed by years of experience in handling intricate designs and parts, our CNC machinists employ proven techniques to consistently deliver exceptional results. Stringent inspection processes underscore our commitment to maintaining uniformity across all projects.
  • Efficient: Timely delivery is paramount in project execution. Leveraging our cutting-edge equipment and expertise, we adhere to strict timelines, ensuring prompt delivery of components to keep pace with your operational demands.
Applications across Industries

The versatility and precision offered by machine tool automation render it indispensable across a spectrum of industries. Harness the power of our custom CNC machining services in:

  • Mining Equipment
  • Construction Equipment
  • Rail Equipment & Cars
  • Naval & Marine Components
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Aviation Equipment
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Defense Equipment
  • Petroleum & Gas Equipment
  • Electrical Distribution Equipment

At ES Haji & CO, we take pride in our work. With our contract machining services, you gain our experience, quality control process, advanced equipment, and dedication to ongoing improvement. Get in touch with us to learn more, or request a quote for our services.

Machining Services

Machining Services

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