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Mining Industry

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Mining Industry

Mining Industry

Powerful and strong equipment is necessary for mining operations in order to drill, dig out, load, shift, and break down coal, minerals, metals, and alloys. For mining machinery, parts of superior quality are required to guarantee both productivity and safety. ES Haji & CO is a respected contract manufactures that particular in giving mining OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) strong, durable parts.

Making of Mining Equipment Parts

ES Haji & CO supplies turnkey machined components designed for both surface and underground mining applications. We set significant emphasis on quality, accuracy, and its durability in every component we create as we have an understanding of how difficult working environments for mining equipment can be. Our industry expertise ensures that our parts fulfill the high standards demanded in the mining field.

Our Capabilities in Mining Contract Manufacturing

ES Haji & CO presents a wide variety of capabilities for dealing with the different needs of the mining industry. We offer several types of comprehensive services, which include metal forming, welding process, powder coating wrapping up, laser metal cutting, grinding, machining, and assembling. Our primary field of expertise is manufacturing parts for different mining machinery, like loaders, shoveling implements, conveying systems, excavation equipment, crushing plants, and many.

Why Choose Us

You will be sure that you're working with a trusted and knowledgeable team when you choose ES Haji & CO for your mining equipment manufacturing requirements. Each piece of equipment we manufacture is tested to the highest standards of quality by our qualified designers and welders. To maintain constant quality during all manufacturing processes, we use a strict Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015).

We can also do complete quality control tests on all of our parts because of our professional quality lab and advanced inspection tools. Our deep knowledge of geometrical dimensioning and tolerance (GD&T) and dimensional metrology ensures that our components conform to industry norms and specifications.

Build a relationship with a reputable mining equipment supplier today. Contact us online to learn more about how we can serve the mining industry, or Request a Quote for your fabrication and machining needs.

Mining Contract Manufacturing

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